Bitcoin and XRP are the most traded cryptocurrencies on Bitvavo

Bitcoin (BTC) and ripple (XRP) are currently at the top of the most traded cryptocurrencies. XRP accounts for up to 8% of total trading volume. This brings the coin incredibly close to the frontrunner Bitcoin, which accounts for 13% of the total volume.

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The front runners are XRP and BTC

In addition to BTC and XRP, the top 5 also include Shiba Inu (SHIB), Live Pear (LPT) and ether (ETH). Ether, the crypto industry’s second-largest coin, accounted for just 4% of total volume last week, ranking fifth. This is special for the currency, which has lost more than 9 percent in value over the past week.

XRP’s popularity stems from Judge Torres’ recent ruling in the SEC lawsuit against Ripple. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued Ripple for the unregistered sale of securities. Ripple partially won this case. Shortly after the win, XRP’s volume skyrocketed to become the second most traded coin on the market Bitvavo.

The popularity of SHIB and LPT We recently talked about this on our website. LTP has more than doubled in value in just a few days. While the Livepeer token was still floating around $4 on August 7th, it was sold for more than $9 around 2am on August 13th. LTP is currently selling for $6.18.

SHIB and AKRO are also fast on Bitvavo

SHIB has also been moving fast lately. However, the currency has lost a lot of value in the past week. In seven days, the stock price fell by no less than 20%. On the other hand, the price is still 8.2% higher than a month ago. The currency’s recent volatility is due to the launch of the new SHIB network called Shibarium.

Two more coins Go really fast on Bitvavo are Sui (SUI) and Acropolis (AKRO). The value of the Acropolis token has increased by a whopping 104% in the last month. Bitvavo traders were able to make a nice profit using the coin. Today, however, the currency has depreciated by 2.2%.

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