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Bitcoin and crypto miners form lobby group for better politics

Bitcoin and crypto miners form lobby group for better politics

There are few places in the world with as many bitcoin miners as the United States. One of the reasons for this was that the political climate for miners was quite favorable a few years ago, but according to miners, there is not much left of it today. The crypto miners have therefore created a lobby group called the Digital Energy Council (DEC).

“Crypto mining important for national security”

The Digital Energy Council is specifically focused on promoting crypto mining in the United States. To that end, it will educate national policymakers and the industry on crypto mining and advocate for good regulation. The group wants to clear up misunderstandings about sustainability and consumption.

There’s a lot. The sector consumes a lot of electricity, which requires infrastructure. Businesses therefore need to work with local governments. The organization emphasizes that mining can accelerate the energy transition by promoting the use of sustainable energy.

Because energy infrastructure is important to national security, the DEC also sees it as an important focus for policymakers. Recently, it turned out that almost all Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware comes from China, while the US regularly has disputes with this country.

Recently, a US company officially started developing bitcoin mining equipment. However, a lot will have to happen before the industry is no longer dependent on China.

The US government is not yet satisfied with the Bitcoin miners

Whether the US government is satisfied with the organization remains to be seen. The Biden administration has regularly criticized crypto mining. There was even a bill circulating that would require miners to pay an additional 30% tax, although that proposal has since been scrapped.

But there are also supporters of mining within the American government. However, it remains to be seen whether this lobby group can convince the current US administration.

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