Home Business Bitcoin analyst PlanB remains mega bullish: his Bitcoin forecast

Bitcoin analyst PlanB remains mega bullish: his Bitcoin forecast

Bitcoin analyst PlanB remains mega bullish: his Bitcoin forecast

Nobody knows what the Bitcoin (BTC) price has in store, but Dutch analyst PlanB has proven extremely successful with his predictions in the past. However, the bull market so far has proven that no one has a crystal ball when it comes to Bitcoin price. At the beginning of 2023, PlanB published another forecast for the price development of Bitcoin and so far everything is going according to plan. What awaits Bitcoin in the near future according to PlanB?

Successful BTC price prediction

Over the last few years, PlanB has become a very established and famous name in the Bitcoin world Stock to Flow (S2F) model. Using a formula that calculates the total supply (share) divide by the annual production capacity (flow) PlanB has managed to map the price movements of Bitcoin in detail in the past.

However, in 2021, the former institutional investor received some criticism as, according to the model, the BTC price should have exceeded the magic barrier of $100,000.

However, PlanB did not keep its head down and made some predictions again in January this year. Yesterday he revealed his expectations once again in a new post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

On January 12, when the price of Bitcoin was $18,000, PlanB wrote that he believed the price was reached in November low A price of $15,500 would be the absolute bottom of the bear market. He also predicted at the time that Bitcoin would rise ahead of the BTC halving, scheduled for April next year.

We can now say with some certainty that these predictions are most likely correct. Bitcoin is now trading well above its low from November last year. However, nothing in the investment landscape is 100% certain and crazier things have happened in this regard.

What does Bitcoin have in store for the coming months/years?

PlanB also stated in January that it expects the BTC price to reach at least 32,000 when the block subsidy is halved. Finally, he predicted that Bitcoin will reach a peak of at least $100,000 by 2025.

His latest X-message shows that he still fully supports his predictions. Specifically, he assumes that Bitcoin will be worth between $32,000 and $66,000 at the time of the halving. Be beyond that Range for the peak in 2025 between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

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