Home Business Bitcoin Analysis: Can These Small Altcoins Surge 10X?

Bitcoin Analysis: Can These Small Altcoins Surge 10X?

Bitcoin Analysis: Can These Small Altcoins Surge 10X?

Good evening and welcome to this video and price analysis. As usual, let’s start with the heatmap, followed by Bitcoin (BTC) and then an altcoin analysis.

Heatmap Bitcoin analysis

On the three-month heatmap, we see that there is starting to be more liquidity above the price between $53,800 and $53,200. However, the strongest zones are below the price, at $41,800, $38,400 and possibly even $34,600. The question is whether we go there, but prices often trend towards liquidity. On the one-month heatmap we see that liquidity is around $41,000 to $42,000, which is certainly an interesting area for longer-term entry.

Speaking of Bitcoin, on the futures chart we see a close around $51,600. The weekly chart is not yet closed and shows a ‘Spinning top‘, at resistance between $53,000 and $52,000. We see bearish Divergence, which often indicates a downward move and a lower high on the RSI.

So we need to look at the lower time frames to see if there is a pullback. If we break $53,000, we can open a nice long position towards $57,000-$60,000. But if we fail to hold $53,000 as support, we can expect a correction to $50,000 and even $48,000.

On the daily chart we see a consolidation with a possible breakout up or down. If we break out lower, $47,000-$45,000 are possible support levels, while if we break out higher, $56,000-$57,000 are possible resistance levels. We need to wait for a clear trigger before we can determine where the price is going.

Possible altcoin breakouts

Now to the three altcoins that can rise up to tenfold. The first is waves (WAVES). We have seen consolidations and breakouts in the past that resulted in gains of up to 12,000%. Currently the price is around $2.38 and I can easily see it going up to $33, which is a good ten.

The second is horizon (ZEN). It is still in the accumulation phase but could potentially rise to $50 or even $80. This is an increase of between 400% and 700% from the current level of $10.5.

The third is Audio (AUDIO), an interesting project still in the accumulation phase. From the current level of $0.022, it could rise to $0.23, a nearly 10-fold increase.

If you are interested in purchasing these coins, you can go to CoinGecko, search for the coin and see which exchanges it is available on. That’s it for this video. I wish you a nice day and good luck with your trading!

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