Baskonia has returned to group training this Wednesday after the coronavirus outbreak in the squad. In the video published by the club’s first training session Rokas Giedraitis, Lamar Peters and Vanja Marinkovic do not appear. These are the players that appear in it: Fontecchio, Sedekerskis, Granger, Baldwin, Barrera, Kurucs, Enoch, Costello and Alec Peters.

Enoch was at the Kutxabank Araski women’s Endesa League match yesterday since he joins a great friendship with Tanaya Atkinson. They are both from Connecticut and often upload photos to Instagram. After the crash, he spoke briefly with Diario AS. “We are good, wanting to play already on Friday. We are tired of being unemployed and what we want is to compete. On Friday we will be in Madrid and we will return to the field. Now there are many games and postponements so be careful with injuries“, He said.

Jayson granger, captain of Baskonia, commented this morning that “now the important thing is to get back into shape and try to win the next matches.” During this break, Baskonia players have trained individually and Granger ensures that these sessions will help them “to get off to a good start in 2022”. Regarding the next matches, the Uruguayan point guard explained that they will be “very tough against complicated rivals like Madrid, Andorra or Breogán who are playing good basketball.” “We have to do our things and not lose the essence of the last game against Barça.”

On Friday, Real Madrid will play in the Euroleague, on Sunday Andorra will play in the ACB and, next week, they will recover the two pending crashes to finish the first round and try to get a place for the Copa del Rey in Granada. The latest victories for Baxi in Barcelona and Valencia seriously complicate that path. Vitoria was nominated to host the KO tournament, which would have given it a rightful place by being the host. The institutions were convinced that the matter was closed and were preparing items to support the initiative but Javier Imbroda, from the Junta de Andalucía, did not haggle with the canon and, after paying 1.5 million euros to the ACB, he took the Cup to the Nasrid capital. The people from Vitoria, therefore, will have to earn their pass on the field.


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