Home Sports Biscayan journalist demonstrates the surprise of Real Sociedad to Athletic

Biscayan journalist demonstrates the surprise of Real Sociedad to Athletic

The tables have been turned in Basque football

Unfortunately for athletic fans, the sorpasso of the Real society to the Athletic it is a fully demonstrable fact. You can’t just talk about dynamics, about a losing streak. Because there is irrefutable evidence of the change that is taking place in Basque football.

Beyond winning the Copa del Rey, in which it is their merit to reach the grand final, it is necessary to analyze a little in depth how both clubs are doing. The Real society plays with stability in Europe, while the Athletic It has not reached high levels for a long time.

Chiringuito Oyarzabal
Mikel Oyarzabal sentenced to leave Real Sociedad

There is no color between Athletic and Real Sociedad

The subsidiary is another point where the work of both teams is appreciated. While Real Sociedad has Xabi Alonso’s pupils fighting in the Smartbank League, Bilbao Athletic occupies relegation positions to 2RFEF and is increasingly distancing itself from the eternal rival.

Something similar happens with the women’s teams, where Real Sociedad also flirts with the biggest, while Athletic, as the competition professionalizes, lags behind. Moreover, to explain the surprise of Real Sociedad to Athletic, it is enough to look at the signings.

The sorpasso of the Royal Society is evident

Because a few years ago it was unthinkable that the best Basque players did not play for Athletic. Moreover, the best of the Royal Society very frequently ended up in San Mamás. However, players like Mikel Merino preferred to sign for Real Sociedad having an offer from Athletic. Álex Remiro did not renew at Athletic to play for Real Sociedad.

Even in social networks it is noted that the Royal Society has confirmed its surprise, since now, those who are always complaining about everything are those of Athletic. The txuri urdin fans, on the other hand, are relaxed, calm and very happy with the progress of the club of their love.

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