Bipasha Basu faced many hardships due to her dark complexion.

Bipasha Basu is a famous Bollywood actress. Bipasha is currently running away from movies. Recently Bipasha has given birth to a daughter, whom she has named ‘Devi’. Bipasha Basu continues to share family photos of her on social media. Ella bipasha is married to popular television actor Karan Singh Grover. While working on the movie ‘Alone’, they both fell in love with each other. Bipasha Basu is called a Bengali beauty. But do you know that Bipasha didn’t want to become a hero earlier and there was a special reason behind it?

It is said that Bipasha used to think that she was not beautiful. Because of this, she never thought of becoming a hero. Bipasha Basu wanted to be a doctor. However, she later became interested in the glamor industry. Bipasha Basu started her career as a model. She used to work as a model part-time, which also began to affect her studies. Then gradually she came to this area. However, later the actress regretted having left her studies for modeling. Let me tell you, in childhood, Bipasha Basu’s looks used to be very tom boy. Because of this, her friends used to call her ‘Lady Gunda’.

Bipasha Basu started her film career with the 2001 film ‘Ajnabee’. Bipasha also received the Filmfare Debut Award for the first film. Following this, Ella Bipasha appeared as a lead actress in the 2002 film ‘Raj’ and became an overnight star of this film. At first, Bipasha had to face a lot of difficulties due to her dark complexion, though she later changed people’s perspective with her characters and her strong acting.

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