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Biofuel: world record for autonomy for a hydrogen car

A car running on hydrogen, produced from biomethanol, broke the world record for the distance traveled with this type of vehicle on Wednesday May 11 in Albi, exceeding 2,000 kilometers, noted an AFP journalist. With a modified Renault Zoé, the team from the Tarn company ARM Engineering drove with a single battery charge and a full tank of 200 liters of GH-3, a fuel made from biomass, resulting from the methanization of manure.

The process, created by the Sud-Ouest company, makes it possible to use this GH-3 to reform hydrogen “to create electricity and supply the battery”, according to Marc Lambec, its president. Five drivers took turns on the Albi circuit for three days, driving the prototype, from 7 a.m. to midnight, in order to break the record for the distance beaten by a hydrogen vehicle, previously set by a Toyota Mirai (1,360 km) in the United States.

The mechanism is also adaptable for a thermal car, on which it suffices to add a conversion box so that it can run thanks to the GH-3. “On a thermal vehicle, the device reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, no longer emits fine particles, while compared to a hydrogen fuel electric car, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 80 %”, says Marc Lambec, 39.

The new record, set at 2,055.68 km, was set under the watchful eye of a bailiff and an official timekeeper. “The leitmotif is to get out of fossil fuels”, underlines the entrepreneur, who hopes that the use of this fuel can be developed for other sectors of activity such as construction or public transport. Marc Lambec explains that he acquires GH-3, a second-generation fuel, at around one euro per litre, estimating that only half a liter is needed to produce one kWh of electricity.

Car manufacturers have multiplied their offer of electric vehicles, which now represent 10% of the European market. Hydrogen, very energy-intensive at the time of its production, is also a way to replace oil in the medium term, in particular for Toyota, Stellantis or Hyundai.


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