Biodiversity: the State condemned to repair the “ecological damage” linked to the use of pesticides

It’s a decision “historical” for NGOs. The State was condemned, Thursday June 29, to repair within one year a “ecological damage” linked to the massive use of pesticides in agriculture, accused of causing a collapse in biodiversity. The administrative court of Paris has given the State until June 30, 2024 at the latest to better respect its trajectories of reduction in the use of pesticides and to protect water.

“The State has committed two faults, by disregarding, on the one hand, the objectives it had set for itself in terms of reducing the use of phytopharmaceutical products and, on the other hand, the obligation to protect groundwater. “considers the court, seized by several NGOs. “Ecological damage has a direct and certain link with these faults”, he believes. In particular, the court ordered the government to “take all useful measures to repair the ecological damage”.

Non-compliance with pesticide reduction trajectories

Since the Grenelle de l’environnement at the end of 2007, which had set an objective of reducing the use of synthetic pesticides by 50% in 10 years, the two successive plans implemented, Ecophyto 1 and 2, have ended in failure. . The court is asking the state to “prevent the aggravation of the damage by restoring the consistency of the rate of reduction in the use of plant protection products with the trajectory provided for by the Ecophyto plans”. For its part, the State argued that these plans had “a programmatic value and cannot have a binding scope”.

Five environmental defense NGOs (Pollinis, Notre Affaire à tous, the National Association for the Protection of Waters and Rivers, Biodiversity under our feet and ASPAS) had filed the appeal. “We consider it a real victory, a historic decision”greeted Thursday with AFP Cécile Barbière, of the NGO Pollinis. “From a political point of view, we expect the State to take up this historic judgment”she pointed out.

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