Biodiversity: New Endangered Species

The long-awaited red list of endangered species was unveiled on Saturday, September 4th. The Komodo dragon and the white shark, in particular, are among them.

In Indonesia, islands are paradise. And yet nature is in danger. Komodo dragons are all on the brink of extinction. The world’s largest lizard has just been classified as “endangered” on the Red List of Threatened Species. Only a few thousand remain. “It’s in a national park in Indonesia, but that’s not enough to protect it because it’s a victim of climate change. Rising temperatures and sea levels are gradually reducing its habitat, and it’s now more threatened than before “, explains Florian Kirchner, IUCN specialist.

He is not the only victim of men. According to scientists, more than one in three species is threatened. This is the case for 37% of sharks and rays, 41% of amphibians and 14% of birds. One of the biggest enemies of biodiversity is overfishing. The only good news is that, thanks to fishing quotas, bluefin tuna has just been removed from the endangered species list. The list keeps growing.

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