Bing Surpasses 100 Million Daily Users After ChatGPT Integration

Bing It has grown steadily in recent years. For the first time, the search engine has exceeded the one hundred million daily active users. This is a figure that the company celebrates and that is a reflection of the innovations introduced last month with the launch of its Artificial Intelligence chat. Thus, it has registered more than 45 million chats since then.

According to Microsoft, Bing’s growth is due to the fact that search needs to be reinvented and that the combination of search, answer, chat and creation in a single experience constitutes a unique value proposition that is favored by users.

Despite this, the company is aware that they remain a small, low, single-digit share player in the search engine market. Although they are seeing increased engagement as more people search on a daily basis.

Regarding the preview of the new AI-powered search engine, a third of users use the chat on a daily basis. “We are seeing on average, approximately three chats per session with over 45 million total chats since the preview began»says the company.

On the other hand, the 15% of chat sessions correspond to people using the search engine to generate new content. This shows that they are extending the search to creativity. Daily active users using Answers and Chat on the Bing Mobile app have also increased sixfold.

the new bing

The technology company launched a month ago a new version of the Bing search engine that integrates ChatGPT and also of edge browser with functions powered by the artificial intelligence of OpenAI. What is presented as a paradigm shift in the way of searching for and accessing information on the Internet is the fruit of the alliance between Microsoft and OpenAIthe developer company of chatbot ChatGPT which in just three months since its launch has revolutionized the Internet and already accumulates 100 million unique monthly users.

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