Binance NFT now also supports the Polygon network

Binance NFT, Binance’s NFT marketplace, now also supports the Polygon (MATIC) network. The largest crypto exchange in the world announced this on Wednesday. With this integration, users can now trade and hold NFTs on the Polygon network in addition to the Binance chain and the Ethereum (ETH) network.

Binance and Polygon integration

The integration does not mean that all NFT collections on MATIC are immediately available on Binance NFT. Binance’s NFT platform has indicated that it is careful about which NFT collections are made available. So far there are ten Polygon NFT collections available on Binance NFT. More will soon follow in the future, according to the platform.

To use Polygon NFTs on the platform, users must have Polygon’s native token, MATIC, in their wallet. The news of the integration comes on the heels of recent crypto news that Binance is going to implement stricter controls over which NFTs are offered on the platform.

The Binance NFT team will actively monitor the marketplace and listings Remove those that break the rules.

“Users can report NFTs and NFT collections that violate Binance NFT rules. The moderation team will actively investigate the tips and take action if necessary.”


Last week, Binance was also in the NFT news. It launched the beta version of ‘Bicasso’, a generator that uses AI technology to quickly create NFTs. In 2.5 hours the program generated ten thousand different NFTs in this way.

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A few days after this news about Bicasso, however, an anonymous Twitter user came up with an interesting claim. He believes that Binance stole Bicasso’s idea from him. In December, Binance ran a contest where developers could come up with new ideas.

The first prize was a team that developed ‘Chatcasso’, a “program that can turn your creative vision into NFTs using AI technology”. The similarities are obvious, but Binance denies all charges of plagiarism.

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