Home Business Binance leaves the Netherlands today, Bitvavo offers switching bonus

Binance leaves the Netherlands today, Bitvavo offers switching bonus

Binance verlaat Nederland vandaag, Bitvavo biedt overstapbonus

Unfortunately for customers of cryptoexchange Binance today is the time for the platform to stop its activities in the Netherlands. Due to the inability to obtain a license from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), users can only withdraw money from today. Bitvavo is one of the exchanges that therefore offers customers a switching deal.

Who create a new account via this link receive €20 upon registration. On top of that, the exchange offers 10% annual interest on all crypto deposited from Binance through July 31.

Bitcoin exchange Binance leaves the Dutch crypto market

Today the time has come for Binance to stop activities in the Netherlands. The company did not meet the Dutch anti-money laundering and terrorist financing requirements and was therefore not licensed.

Binance was already active in the Netherlands before this, but without a license. However, the exchange chooses because of the legal problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now the safe path. In many countries, the company is now trying to comply with licenses and regulations.

Because the company in the Netherlands and also in Belgium, Cyprus and Austria could not meet the requirements, Binance decided to exit from all the aforementioned countries. However, that means that Binance customers will have to look for an alternative. Read in this article a number of potential alternative exchanges to switch to, with great deals.

Binance seeks legal help, Bitvavo helps customers

The regulations are especially difficult in the European Union (EU) because of the combination of both EU and national rules. Because Binance wants to avoid such a new lawsuit as with the SEC, the company is trying to comply with all regulations. Binance therefore already announced that it is also looking for one legal advisor.

Because Binance customers now have to find another exchange, Bitvavo steps into the breach. Customers receive a welcome bonus of €20 and an annual interest of 10% until July 31 when they create an account via this link.

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