Binance funds crypto and Web3 education for 67,155 people

Franse investeerders klagen Binance aan voor 2,4 miljoen euro

Binance Charity, the charitable arm of the stock exchange platform, announces that it is making 30,000 spots available for its Web3 education platform, which is part of the Binance Scholar Program. According to an official blog post of the exhibition platform, 82,000 applications have already been processed for the education program since the initiative was launched.

67,155 applications approved

In total, Binance Charity has already approved 67,155 registrations for the education platform, which means that they also fund the education of these people. A total of 36,500 people have been admitted in 2022 and another 30,655 places will be allocated in 2023.

“The response to our projects in the Web3 world has been unprecedented and shows that many people have the ambition to learn about blockchain, DeFi, NFT, programming and much more,” said Helen Hai, the head of the Binance Charity Foundation .

The market has gone through a difficult period in 2022, but that clearly does not stop Binance from continuing to set up interesting initiatives. In this way, the exhibition platform invests heavily in the development and training of new people who can strengthen the industry in their own way.

Binance walks with you

The idea of ​​the training platform is to guide people through every step of their career from start to finish. If they need help, Binance is ready with capital and knowledge to assist and help them further. In total, Binance has already invested more than $ 2.2 billion in Binance USD (BUSD) to finance the lot.

Various initiatives in countries such as Nigeria, Germany, Senegal, Australia, South Africa, France, Cyprus, Ukraine and Brazil have been supported. One of these institutes is the Nigeria-based tech school Utiva. With this, Binance has a partnership to facilitate 50,000 training places, of which 1,000 people can even work with an intensive program for one year.

All in all, a more than interesting development that can really help the industry grow in the long term. People who have the ambition to develop in this way will also inspire others with their knowledge and development, which is undoubtedly positive for the adoption of the technology.


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