Bilbao takes a walk to regain confidence

If Granada had put Bilbao Basket’s feet on the ground after a truly dreamy start to the season, of walking through the clouds, the Champions League reordered everything, with confidence restored in the ‘men in black’. The group leadership is much closer after a ride in Miribilla and the second victory, a night in which he dominated from start to finish, although in the third quarter he received a wake-up call. Dressing task. If Bahcesehir announced themselves as a direct rival for that first place, we will have to look elsewhere, because, although they arrived without Hall and Blazic, it seems very little to worry about. It offered two faces: a painful one in the first part and a much neater one, taking advantage of the local relaxation due to the large scoreboard, after relegation. An entertaining match in which Surne had to return to action when the Ottomans took a 48-45 lead. Another rush and storm of points: 75-55. The solid defense and the variety in the attacks coming in many ways allowed to show the enormous superiority over this team that has been champion of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup and only looks four years in the elite. And, by the way, cheer up after the first defeat of the year, on Saturday near the Alhambra.

And that once again fatality seemed to cross the path of the Ponsarnau team. In a silly move, Sulejmanovic sprained his ankle and had to retire. Fortunately, he was not in serious condition and he was able to return to the track shortly after. Withey appeared after not being able to exercise yesterday due to discomfort and Hakanson was hit and bled on an eyelid. They look like the bag of misfortunes. The Turks tried to find direct and indirect blocks to finish under the rim, but their players were very static, without the ball and did not move. They made the first foul after seven minutes, despite what was raining in their basket: 17-4. The percentages were laughable: 2 of 11 in field goals. So Bilbao gave themselves a treat without hardly pressing the accelerator: 31-11.

Ozmizrak, a point guard who failed at Obradoiro, gave more nerve to the visiting game, to behave collectively with a certain dignity. As soon as both teams counterattacked, the game became heavy. The rebound was Biscayan. But a third quarter of accommodation came, allowing open shots as in Granada, and Arslan and Smith brought the Ottomans closer on the scoreboard. The foreign launch began to enter: from 28 percent of the first half they went to 50, taking advantage of the local relationship. Boutsiele became the owner of the painting and the distance narrowed to three points. Then Andersson came out to get the chestnuts out of the fire with his shots, Reyes in destroyer mode like on a few occasions last year, and, above all, the local Smith to put things in his place. Plus the invaluable work of Hakanson, the only point guard at the helm due to Radicevic’s injury; 9 assists and enormous tenacity in his own field. The 80-66 is a treat for the eyes of a team that left Granada worried.

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Radicevic suffered a bone edema in Granada that, in principle, is not serious. Although due to the nature of the injury, it is difficult to give a recovery period, this could be in two weeks. His absence is added to those of Goudelock and Rigo, these of long duration.


Surne Bilbao Basket (19+17+17+27): Hakanson (11), Alonso (9), Rabaseda, Sulejmanovic (8) and Kyser (6) -five starting-, Smith (17), Reyes (12), Andersson (12), Withey (5), Rosa and Betolaza.

Bahcesehir College (9+12+26+19): Shepherd (7), Smith (12), Baygül (4), Brodziansky (4) and Boutsiele (12) -five starting-, Ozmirak (8), Arslan (15), Candan, Savas (2) and Ozdemir (2) .

Partials: 19-9, 36-21 (rest); 53-47 and 80-66 (final).

Referees: Boris Krejic (Slovenia), Gatis Salins (Latvia) and Radomir Vojinovic (Montenegro). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the second day of Group D of the Champions played in Miribilla before just over 4,000 spectators.

Ponsarnau: “We are a team, but we are under construction”

Jaume Ponsarnau was “satisfied with the effort” of his players and the victory, and stressed that they are “a team”, although “still under construction” in relation to the blackout suffered in the third quarter. “We played a very serious first half, dominating the rhythm and with good feelings and a lot of defensive success. And in the second we started well, but they proposed a different defense, more aggressive, and not finding success in attack affected us defensively, “explained the coach.

The coach from Lleida considers that this was “his big mistake” in a match in which the reaction in the last set was positively highlighted when they returned “to recover the defensive level and change the sign” even regretting not having been able to maintain the lead that 20 points in favor that they recovered in the final stretch.

“I am very satisfied with the effort that the players have made to face the difficulties in the best way”, added the Catalan who revealed that Whitey did not train yesterday, Monday, when he was ill and that the Uruguayan Ubal, although he is in the group dynamics , it won’t be until tomorrow when he’s discharged.

Final salute after victory


Final salute after victory

For his part, Reyes, one of the highlights of Surne Bilbao with 12 points and a series of 4/7 in T3, highlighted the “good game” played by the Biscayan team “except for that third quarter” in which “the attacks did not They were bad, but we lacked good open shots”.

“What you have to stay with is the reaction of the last quarter. They have been ten very serious minutes and we have all contributed. Taking out that difference gives a good image of the team and that is the line in which we must continue working”, highlighted Reyes.

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