Bilbao Basket offers Mumbrú to renew one more season

Bilbao Basket wants to give continuity to the current sports project, seeing the fantastic season that the team is having. The council and the sports management begin to give the brushstrokes for the 2022-23 campaign, in which only Galán, a promise for the future loaned this year to Alicante in LEB Oro, has a contract. And the first stone for the new building is Mumbrú. His shirt with the 15 was recently removed and the ceremony sounded like a farewell, but in reality the board wants to extend his stage, since he is already in his fourth year as coach plus the nine he remained as a player.

Mumbrú has the proposal to continue for another year, but has asked for time. And Bilbao Basket is going to grant it to him; he waits for you, of course. First you want to close this course. There are only 13 days left before the curtain falls on the regular phase and there are options to reach the playoffs. Under no circumstances do you want distractions. The grade can grow from outstanding to honors. It seems that if you beat Barça at the Palau and against Betis at Miribilla on the last day, the eighth place will be from Bilbao. The council is trying to put together a project with more budget for the squad, although the slab of debt is always there, and many renewals are pending the Champions League showcase. The president Isabel Iturbe has reflected on Radio Bilbao: “The offer to Mumbrú has been made, now it will depend on the preparation of the team next year. I would like it to continue, Álex is a pillar in this whole project, we have always counted with him. But as he usually says, you have to go game by game, we haven’t finished the season and we have the dream of qualifying among the top eight ahead of us”.

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The sports director, Rafa Pueyo, is going to have a lot of work this summer. It remains for him to make a whole template. There is interest in renewing some players, especially quotas such as Hakanson, Reyes, Masiulis and Luz. Others like Inglis and Delgado, this one with the label of the ACB’s top rebounder, have risen in value a lot and it will be almost impossible to retain them. Rousselle himself every day offers more arguments to have a new opportunity.

“The reality is that the players do not have a contract and neither do I; it does not usually happen during the seasons, because you always have someone who is riding from one to another. When it ends, it will be time to start with the issue of offices”, says Mumbrú. The sentimental factor plays in favor of the club. The Barcelona coach has revalued himself in these four years in Miribilla, with a promotion, a course as a revelation team, a miracle and another superb exercise in which they are fighting for the playoffs. Without going any further, in 2021 he had the option of going to Burgos and he is aware that it could have been one of the biggest mistakes of his career, seeing the results of the Castilian team this season In 2020 he was on the Zalgiris list and finally stayed in what he considers his second home.

In case of renewing, Mumbrú would rise to the second step in terms of permanence on the Bilbao bench, surpassing Katsikaris, who lasted four seasons. Ahead he would only have Vidorreta, who was nine. Álex is the tenth coach in the entity’s history, after Sanz, Zorrozúa, Vidorreta, Katsikaris, Pueyo, Sito Alonso, Carles Duran, Mrsic Y Lakovic. Six of them have been working in the ACB this season, until Katsikaris was dismissed.

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