Bilbao Basket feels unbeatable in its strength of Miribilla

The transformation of Bilbao in these two months is worthy of study at the Universidad del Baloncesto-Milagro. He penalized for the League with players without soul in defense and with little baggage in attack. It is not very clear if it was the slow trickle of casualties and the arrival of new faces that triggered the move. Someone like Miniotas wanted to leave the ship, Rigo unfortunately kept going in and out of the infirmary, and other colleagues fell, even newcomers like Thomas. But the fuse was lit on October 17 against Fuenla as in last season after a confinement by COVID. The team reset their head and began to believe that the feat of the year 2020-21 could have continuity in the current one. From the bottom of the table, at bottom 0-5, he has been rising thanks to his unconquerable castle of Miribilla.

Fifth win in a row at home after wrecking a Granca who looked tired from the opening jump after his trip to Montenegro, the return to the island and the link to Euskadi. The losses of Albicy and Pustovyi, where the game of Fisac ​​begins and ends, weighed theirs, but right now Miribilla’s crusher can annihilate anyone. The hard ‘average’ that takes complicates the ticket for the Cup.

Just a few strokes and you’ve changed the Mumbrú body in a fabulous way. Inglis is a fantastic player, heir to Banic, another illustrious ‘culón’ of Bilbao Basket. Luz charges everyone’s batteries with her inexhaustible energy and Reyes is at a superlative level of confidence. Withey has been patiently awaited after a thousand problems and it has been worth it, because he is a lock under the ring that encourages everyone to play with great joy. The staging was once again portentous: 5-0, with Goudelock embedded in the starting five. Curious about the North American guard, a star in Europe who had no place in the Surne because he barely has legs to defend, but who have been rehabilitated by the loss of his substitute, Thomas. He, who has been on three continents looking for beans, is a professional as a pine tree and keeps walking his silk doll until they tell him to stay away again. That at this level it will be difficult for them to transfer it.

Everyone is affected by this blessed flood. Delgado, for example, who made two free throws in a row at the start, refreshing news. A magic wand seems to have grazed the heads of these people in black. Everything is built from the defense. That engine ignites the spark in attack, where the team moves the ball, looks for advantages and finds points. Having two guys like Delgado and Inglis under the basket, herding everything that falls, is a tremendous safety net. The French is indefatigable. He went out to midfield to a defense to Ennis, whom he chased like an eel and almost stole his wallet. Or Rafa Luz, a lazy suburban shooter in his career and now he’s shooting with overwhelming confidence. All that remains is for Hakanson to regain confidence in the long shot.

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Delgado began abusing Stevic in aspects such as rebounding and scoring. Khalifa Diop had to come out to stop that bleeding. He coincided with Ilimane Diop, who is not his brother even though they have the same last name. Unfortunately this boy who was aiming high has lost his way and as 4.5 does not seem to settle on either four or five. Even free throws, a pending issue on other afternoons, are now a blessing in the Biscayan troops. Everything was sewing and singing. Mustache found the corridors to enter the ring and Reyes took out his submachine gun. Total, that at rest that painted to destruction: 55-33. Almost 60 points in time for a team that previously had a hard time scoring almost like a birth.

The rain of baskets on the yellow ring was raging, and at half-time the trend continued with a solidarity initiative, with spectators throwing hundreds of stuffed animals onto the park for children from families with few resources. El Granca tried to harden their defense in the third quarter, to feign one last effort to react. But it was not for that before a cyclone. Bilbao Basket did not lower its guard for a second. Not even when he had to parade English because of a referee who has more name than quality with the whistle. Hierrezuelo is one of those bad referees who are going to tense the player when he is at a thousand revolutions instead of doing like the good judges: leaving the scene to wait for the spirits to cool down. Two bad gestures by the Frenchman condemned him with techniques that sent him to the locker room. A very different standard from what happened with some yellow player. Hierrezuelo will know if that show is the most upright in his work. Wanting to become a protagonist in a fluid game, precious is the worst thing to be prescribed in the world of refereeing. Later they hatched another from Mustache. Crossing out one of the stars in the morning with -17: 07 to play could unsettle the vice-colist, but the distance was stark 57-35. And more than that distance, the feeling that both teams captured on the floor. That fattened up to +30. A full-fledged escabechina, although the fatigue of the locals was noticed at the end. Mumbrú prays that there are no more black clouds of misfortune. Let no one touch this work because it seems perfect.

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