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Bigg Boss OTT Removal No Eviction This Week, Here’s Why

Bigg Boss OTT Removal No Eviction This Week, Here's Why

Bigg Boss OTT Weekend Ka Vaar was a huge hit on Sunday. On the show, Karan Johar had a lot of fun with the rest of the contestants. But while Sunday’s episode is full of fun for the audience and Karan Johar, the contestants’ heartbeats increase on this day because the elimination occurs on this day. But this time there was no limit to the contestants’ happiness when they learned that no family member will be left homeless this week.

So far there have only been 3 weeks of play on Bigg Boss, but in these three weeks, many contestants have been fired. In the third week, after a fight and a fight between Prateek Sehjpal and Zeeshan Khan, Zeeshan Khan was ordered to leave the house. And due to the midweek eviction this week, no contestant has come out on Sunday this time. Prateek Sehjpal, Akshara Singh, Neha Bhasin and Milind Gaba were nominated this week. But all four survived this week.

Although no one has been out of the show this week, now the twist is that next week two contestants will be out of the house together. At the same time, this week a new contestant will also enter the house. Yes … there will be a wild card entry on Bigg Boss OTT this week. However, this week, Karan Johar did not reveal anything about who the contestant is going to enter the house. On the other hand, Sunny Leone, who came inside the house on Weekend Ka Vaar, had a lot of fun with the contestants inside the house. Sunny played many tasks with the contestants and tried to get to know the minds of the family members.

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