Until now in Bigg Boss 15, only a fierce fight was seen between the contestants. Sometimes between Jai Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal, sometimes between other contestants, but some fun things happen in this house too. What tickles fans of this show. Now a similar funny anecdote has been seen inside the house between Nishant Bhatt, now Shamita Shetty. Where Nishant is seen teaching Shamita the screaming technique and Shamita has become helpless with laughter.

One thing most needed in the Bigg Boss house is a safe and secure hug. So if necessary, the voice of others can be suppressed by raising your voice. Who else can understand this better than Nishant Bhatt because he is often seen screaming loudly in the house? Now Nishant himself is seen teaching Shamita Shetty the screaming technique. But Shamita is that her laughter is not taking the name of stopping. You also see this fun promotion.

At the same time, these days a love angle is also being seen in the house between Ishaan Sehgal and Maisha Iyer. However, the faster relationships are formed in Bigg Boss’s house, the faster they break down. The story of Bigg Boss is a testament to this. The same applies to Ishaan and Maisha. The relationship hadn’t even formed yet, that debate and resentment have started between the two of them. A promotion has emerged in which the two are seen arguing.

Bigg Boss 15’s gameplay has entered the second week and it’s gotten quite fun as of now. Nowadays, Bigg Boss has entrusted a fun task to the family members, which is called Capture of Dacoits. Even family members and forest dwellers find themselves fighting over this task.

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