Bigg Boss 15: Jungle residents turned into thugs, thieves game started … said Afsana Khan- ‘Who has to die …

Bigg Boss 15’s gameplay is as strong as it is entertaining, and now the fun of this game will be doubled. Because the jungle dwellers have turned into thugs and the thieves game has begun. Yes … until now the family members had their original look, which is why they were so dangerous, now that they have become thieves, then think how amazing they will do. Apart from Jai Bhanushali, Afsana Khan, Vishal Kotian, Tejaswi Prakash, all the forest dwellers are seen in robber’s garb. The name of the game is Captured by Bandits.

Once again, Bigg Boss has played a trick on the house that the main housemates and forest dwellers will be seen fighting again. A fun house game has started, the name of which is: Dacoits Capture. Now the situation is that the forest dwellers also look completely colored on this paper. They have all dressed up as a thief and the dialogue from the Sholay movie is also seen speaking. Meanwhile, Afsana Khan is seen intimidating the rest of the contestants. She is saying who has to die with my hands. At the same time, some contestants are seen doing this task with total fun. But in the meantime, there will be a lot of fighting between the main members of the family and the forest dwellers.

On the other hand, Shamita Shetty has asked all contestants to solve this task without any problem. But this seems difficult for it to happen. Because the contestants inside the house are reacting to the matter and are seen yelling at each other. At the same time, Bigg Boss has also granted a full exemption to contestants. In such a situation, once again, the main members of the family and the inhabitants of the forest will find themselves fighting with each other.

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