Bigg Boss 15: Ekta Kapoor makes Shamita Shetty feel responsible

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar, Ekta Kapoor will enter the house along with the serial actresses ‘Naagin’. Ekta Kapoor will speak to all contestants. Talking to Shamita Shetty, Ekta Kapoor will make her feel responsible. Ekta Kapoor will silence Shamita and ask her to sit down. Ekta Kapoor is seen saying in the promo for the last episode that if someone called me unfaithful, I would have given them four answers. You should have said why you are not unfair. You didn’t answer correctly …

These days, Shamita Shetty stands out in Bigg Boss 15. In the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will also question Shamita Shetty. Salman Khan is seen saying in the episode how real this brother-sister relationship between Vishal and Shamita is.

Salman Khan asked Shamita Shetty and Vishal Kotian if “Akka and Anna’s relationship is real or unstable.” To this Shamita replies that ‘Neha and Rakesh have given me the same feedback on Vishal, they talk here and there’. In this, Vishal says ‘And you get into their talk … is our relationship so raw …?’ Shamita replies, “You cannot say for your sister that I can roam for her.” Then Salman says in the middle that ‘Roaming means I can stream them’. So Vishal says that ‘If I had my own sister, she would have understood this.’

Maisha Iyer has been eliminated on Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15. At the same time, a member will also be eliminated on Sunday’s episode. After hearing Maisha’s name on Eviction, her boyfriend and Bigg Boss 15 contestant Ishaan Sehgal started crying bitterly. Many of her friends were excited after Maysha’s departure.

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