Bigg Boss 15: As soon as Bigg Boss final race begins, there is a ruckus in the house, a ration fight

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, there is a lot of uproar. At the beginning of the episode, there was an uproar about cooking and rationing at home. Rajiv and Prateek are withdrawn from the food tariff. This week’s Captain Umar Riaz from the house of Bigg Boss 15 gives Tejashwi Prakash the duty to eat. After this, Bigg Boss announces about the VIP area. After Bigg Boss’s announcement, all the housemates begin to change their game plan.

The task of the VIP area is given, which is headed by the captain of the house, that is, Umar Riaz. In the task, all the members of the family are tied to the waist of Omar with a rope. After which Umar opens each limb of his waist. The members that Umar keeps opening from the waist, leaves the VIP area task. Umar first removes Neha Bhasin from the VIP area task. After this, Rakesh and Shamita are evicted.

Due to the power in the hands of Umar Riyaz, all members of the house are seen trying to persuade him of their own free will. Karan Kundra starts playing mind games only after the announcement of the VIP zone. Vishal also describes himself as the strongest candidate. Jai Bhanushali also tells Umar that he wants to play until the end.

Let us tell you that the member who will go to the VIP area will directly become a contender for the Finale Trophy. In the last episode, Umar Riaz expels three members of the task from the VIP area. Now, in the next episode, it will be seen who Omar takes with him to the VIP area. By the way, according to ‘The Khabri’, Umar Riaz will take Karan Kundra, Nishant Bhatt and Tejashwi Prakash with him in the VIP area. Bigg Boss is going to be very exciting in the next few days, his guess is being seen since the beginning of the week.

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