Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan threatens Vidhi Pandya, Tejashwi Prakash said: ‘Hath Laga Ke Dekha’

Bigg Boss season 15 seems to be full of celebrities. Season 15 of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss show has begun. On the show, all the contestants like Jai Bhanushali, Ishaan Sehgal, Prateek Sahajpal, and Umar Riaz have started to show their attitude. In the first episode, Vishal Kotian was seen fighting. The creators of Bigg Boss 15 have decided to complicate this season for the contestants. Especially for those people who are living in the jungle area as a contestant.

According to the previous episodes, Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Prateek Sahajpal are alone in the area of ​​the Bigg Boss house. There is also speculation that some rules will be broken, so Bigg Boss will ask the jungle contestants to return their belongings. It appears that this task will reportedly be entrusted to contestant Vidhi Pandya. There is a fierce fight between Afsana Khan and Vidhi Pandya over some issue. Vidhi Pandya said a lot to Afsana Khan in the fight.

At the same time, Afsana Khan says angrily at Vidhi that if he fights with her, he will break his tongue and keep it. Tejashwi Prakash and Vishal are also enraged upon hearing this from Afsana and a fierce fight ensues between them. Tejashwi Prakash, hearing all his words, challenges Afsana Khan to fight.

Let us tell you, Jai Bhanushali, Tejashwi Prakash, Karan Kundrra, Akasa Singh, Vidhi Pandya, Vishal Kotian, Simba Nagpal, Donal Bisht, Umar Riaz, Afsana Khan, Sahil Shroff, Shamita Shetty, Prateek Sahajpal, Nishant Seen Bhatt famous stars season 15 like Ishaan Sehgal, Maisha Iyer.

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