Bigg Boss 15: Abhijit Bichukale threatens to eat poison due to a fight with Devoleena

The feud between ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestants Abhijit Bichukale and Devoleena Bhattacharjee is spiraling out of control. Actually, Abhijit (Abhijit Bichukale Poison) is so depressed that he is ready to eat poison. He says he is unhappy with the incidents that occur inside the house.

Prateek Sahejpal warned Abhijeet never to contemplate participating in such crimes. He says that ‘Bigg Boss’ can ask him to leave the house. She also cites the example of the Afsana Khan incident and how she was forced to leave the house.

Devoleena Chattacharjee says that Abhijit’s intentions are wrong and that she will not talk to him or befriend him based on such things. Although Abhijit Bichukale says she has apologized many times, Devoleena Chattacharjee is not ready to hear it. Prateek tells Devoleena to calm down.

In the last episode, Abhijeet was seen requesting Nishant Bhat and Prateek Sahejpal to step in and help them work out their differences with Devoleena Chattacharjee. Rajeev Adatiya advises Abhijeet to stay away from Devoleena to avoid further controversy.


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