Big update on Rishabh Pant’s health, DDCA official gave statement on air travel

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Rishabh Pant and DDCA Director Shyam Sharma

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant had a terrible accident on Friday morning. After first aid in this accident, he was transferred to the Max Hospital in Dehradun. Rishabh Pant’s leg, head and back were injured in this dangerous accident. Regarding Admit Pant in Max, it was also said that he might be airlifted to Delhi. Let us tell you that after Pant’s injury in this accident, it was said that he may need to be taken to Delhi for plastic surgery. However, now the director of the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA), Shyam Sharma, has given a big update on the matter.

Let us tell you that Shyam Sharma came to Dehradun Max on Saturday afternoon to take stock of Rishabh Pant’s health. Here he came to know of Pant’s condition and said that there is no need to transport the Indian cricketer at this time. Earlier on Friday, Dr Sushil Nagar, who provided first aid to Pant at Saksham Hospital, said Pant had suffered head and knee injuries. He had told her that Pant’s X-ray showed that he had no broken bones, but a torn ligament. Apart from this, there is also a wound on his forehead near his eye. As he was getting out of the car, Pant’s back was also severely injured.

Shyam Sharma said that BCCI will decide Pant’s future treatment plan. Only the BCCI is authorized to decide on the matter. I have come here as a goodwill gesture because our President Rohan Jaitley asked me to meet Pant. Rishabh Pant is like our son. I’ve come here to boost your morale. He further said that at present there is no need to airlift Pant to Delhi. Anything else that needs to be done will be decided by the BCCI. They will be given the best treatment.

Rohan Jaitley had said this

DDCA Chairman Rohan Jaitley had earlier said that if necessary for medical advice, his organization would airlift Pant from Dehradun to New Delhi for her plastic surgery. Speaking to the media on Saturday, Jaitley had said that if medically necessary, we can fly Pant to Delhi for plastic surgery. We are in constant contact with Max Hospital Dehradun. Now, the DDCA director, after contacting Dehradun, inquired about Pant’s status and said that at present, there is no need to airlift Pant to Delhi.

The entire cricket world was in shock after the horrible accident that occurred on Friday morning with the Indian batsman. Everyone was concerned and wished Rishabh Pant a speedy recovery. Currently, Pant is told that he is out of danger, but he has been kept under observation in Max Dehradun’s department of Orthopedics and Neurology. Also, if he is required for plastic surgery, he too can be taken to Delhi in the near future.

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