Big sale begins in Dubai

Abu Dhabi: Retail business centers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have started offering discounted discounts as usual on the arrival of summer.

According to the international website, retail business centers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates have started offering discounts on the arrival of summer, with food and beverages being sold only at 20 to 75% discount.

Faisal al-Nabood, in-charge of public relations at Sharqa, said discounted offers are common every summer.

The Coalition has announced discounts of up to 50%, including food and other necessities.

Faisal Al Nabood says that most of the consumers are shopping in preparation for the summer holidays, some of them have to travel to meet their relatives and friends and some of them also want to spend their holidays at home. Will go out for

He said that the discount offer would continue till the end of August and the goods would be available at discounted rates till the start of new academic year. Special discounted packages will also be released every weekend.

Abdul Hameed Al-Khashabi, a spokesman for the Aswaq Group, a subsidiary of the Dubai Government Investment Foundation, said the goods were being sold at more than 30 per cent discounted rates.

Lulu Group Liaison Manager Nanda Kumar said that the best discounted sale of summer is running from 25 to 75 percent, which includes clothes, ladies bags, sunglasses and children’s accessories.

Shoaib Abdullah Al-Hamadi, an official of Al-Ittihad Al-Ittihad, said that 8 discount offers were made during June in which up to 75% discount was given. About 5,000 items are being sold at discounted prices.

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