Big relief for Donald Trump, another ban has been lifted

Washington: After the former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook account, the YouTube account was also restored after two years.

In January 2021, Capitol Hill was attacked by supporters of Donald Trump after the victory of current US President Joe Biden in the election, after which restrictions were imposed on his social media accounts.

YouTube decided to remove the ban on the former president’s account keeping in mind the presidential elections in 2024 so that he can run his campaign in full swing.

In a statement on Twitter, the platform said, “We have removed the ban for the sake of voters so that they can fully listen to their candidates on the platform. The company has taken the decision after carefully evaluating the entire situation.”

Following the Capitol Hill attack, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram announced the suspension of Donald Trump’s account. The former president was accused of inciting his supporters to attack through his social media accounts.

Now all of Donald Trump’s social media accounts are fully restored, but instead of using them, he is running his own social media platform ‘Truth Social’.

Twitter had permanently suspended Donald Trump’s handle, but the new owner of the platform, Elon Musk, issued orders to restore it as soon as he arrived.

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