Big reasons for Jorge Vilda’s sacking

Pressure and loyalty: a delicate balance as the coach of the women’s soccer team

The coach of Spain’s women’s soccer team is at the center of a flurry of opinion following the latest allegations against Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation. According to some voices the dismissal of Jorge Vilda could boil as the manager is believed to have used his position to pressure players, particularly Jenni Hermoso, to back Rubiales rather than protect their own interests.

The Vilda-Hermoso Relationship: Conflictive or Collaborative?

Jenni Hermoso, a leading figure on the women’s team, has been a key figure in Vilda’s plan for years. Hermoso’s professionalism and talent opened new horizons for the team on the international stage. However, The dynamic between player and coach has been scrutinized after recent events.

The alleged pressure exerted on Hermoso in Rubiales Defense, has sparked criticism of Vilda. Above all, a coach’s attitude must be to support and protect his players, especially when they find themselves off the field in compromising situations.

Jorge Vilda, walking a tightrope after Rubiales' retirement
Vilda could be the next to follow in Rubiales’ footsteps

The role of a coach: what are the limits?

The main task of a coach is to lead his team to victory, improve the skills of each player and form a cohesive group. However, Your responsibility is not limited to the field. As leaders and authority figures, coaches also have a duty to ensure the well-being of their players off the field.

In this context, any attempt to influence a player’s personal or public decisions becomes a swamp. Respect and integrity must always come first.

The echo in the football community

The reactions were not long in coming. From fans to experts in the field, many have raised their voices to question Vilda’s stance on this stage. While some defend the coach’s professionalism and his career with the king of sport, others demand a clear answer about the events that have occurred.

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The situation highlights the delicate line between personal and professional interests in the world of sport. Alliances, loyalties, and conflicts can cloud judgment and lead to controversial decisions.


Jorge Vilda is at a crossroads. His role as coach of the women’s soccer team is at stake and public opinion awaits answers. In a world where transparency and ethics are increasingly valued, Vilda’s actions will not only be judged by her performances on the pitch, but by her achievements as well his integrity and responsibility from it. The future will tell if Vilda crossed a line or, on the contrary, became the victim of a misunderstanding in an already complex situation.

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