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Big prediction regarding Saudi Airlines

Big prediction regarding Saudi Airlines

Riyadh: Ibrahim Koshi, executive chairman of Saudi Arabian Airlines, has predicted that 85 million people will be able to travel from Saudi Arabia annually by 2030.

According to Arab media, in a statement, the executive chairman of Saudi Arabia said that Saudi Arabian Airlines is determined to expand its range of flights to 200 airports in 2022.

He said that Saudi Arabia is acquiring spacious aircraft which will be available in 2022, low budget airline Fly Adel will also be used, will operate flights to 200 airports.

Ibrahim Koshi said that Saudi Arabia would be in a position to carry 45 million passengers annually by 2030. Before the Corona epidemic, 35 million people used to travel with our airline, the airline was operating its flights to 90 airports.

Saudi Arabia Cargo Company also won the Best Air Cargo Award in Asia in honor of Travel Services. Saudi Arabia announced in May 2021 that it would operate three additional Boeing B787 flights from Hong Kong.

The decision was made in response to growing demand for e-cargo, after which the number of weekly flights from Asia reached 16. Flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


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