Big move by the Saudi government, good news for foreigners suffering from travel ban

Riyadh: The Saudi government has provided great relief to visa holders suffering from the travel ban.

According to Arab media reports, the visas of foreigners who are visa holders and were unable to travel to the country due to the travel ban have been extended until September 30 under the automated system.

The report states that the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended the visa regime until September 30, 2021 under an automated system, saying that there is no fee for visa extensions and that no “financial competence” will be charged for the extension.

The Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry noted that visas will also be extended for foreign visa holders who have not used visas.

Authorities say those whose visas have expired also benefit from the facility. These measures are being taken in view of the Crown epidemic. Relief to nationals and foreigners is also one of the priorities.

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