Big disclosure of FBI, many confidential documents found from Donald Trump’s house

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  • Confidential document found from Trump
  • 184 documents were found inside the boxes, on which the Confidential was written
  • Some of the Confidential Documents were mixed with other documents

America: The US Justice Ministry on Friday disclosed a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) affidavit that justified searches at the Mar-a-Lago residence of former President Donald Trump. Many amendments have been made in this document made public and many pages have been black-marked. It contains very sensitive information kept confidential at the former President’s residence in Florida.

Confidential document found from Trump

The document mainly revealed the following things: Trump had many confidential documents. The affidavit reveals no new information about 11 sets of confidential documents found in an August 8 FBI search of Trump’s winter residence, but it does reveal why it was important for the Justice Ministry to obtain these documents. .

14 Confidential in 15 Boxes

The affidavit revealed that 14 of the 15 boxes found at Trump’s residence in January were written with Confidential. Within these boxes, 184 documents were found, on which the Confidential was written. Of these, ‘confidential’ was written on 67, ‘secret’ on 92 and ‘top secret’ on 25. These include documents with high level of intelligence. The agents who inspected the boxes found that the documents specifically stated that the information was obtained from highly sensitive human sources or electronic sources.

Confidential documents kept along with other documents

In the affidavit, several documents have been found on which ‘Originator Controlled’ was written. This means that the intelligence agency officials who prepared the report did not want the documents to be given to other agencies without their permission. Douglas London, a former Central Intelligence Agency official, said, “When things are kept confidential to this level, it means that the lives of those who are gathering information may be in danger.” Contacts made by the US Parliament to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to review the potential damage caused by the possession of these documents have not yet elicited a response. Confidential documents were kept together with other papers.

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The affidavit said that some of the confidential documents were collated with other documents. Newspapers, magazines, published news articles, photographs, personal documents and other items were found in the boxes, according to the director of the White House Division of National Archives. Above all, the Highly Confidential Documents were kept open and mixed with other papers. David Price, a former CIA official, said the president is given intelligence but it is unusual to randomly mix it with other things like this.

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