Big data from Monchi detects the next Swedish star

Sevilla FC opens the exit door to tie Monchi's new discovery

From the surroundings of the sports director of Seville they have already discovered one of the new pearls of Swedish football

Monchi He is one of the most prominent leaders in football Europe due to the usual movements it performs, which generally end up being stellar, which is why thanks to the big data He has identified a crack that would be key in the future. They already have a lot of information about it.

Let us remember that although the ‘León de San Fernando’ is normally about top level players to Sevilla FC, in the past market has been in debt. For this reason, it seeks to redeem itself with the arrival of troops that can direct the project of Sampaoli. In Sweden would be one of the new pearls of Europe.

monchi big data
The sports director is clear about his new objective

Monchi’s big data brings him closer to the new jewel of Swedish football

In this way, thanks to big data, Monchi could secure the signing of a player who is quite prominent in the Netherlands. Jasper Karlsson’s numbers have not gone unnoticed at all and he is one of the offensive elements that the sports director will have on his agenda.

He plays for AZ Alkmaar and has a top-tier performance in the Eredivisie. In addition, as far as offensive actions are concerned, he has scored three goals and has provided three assists. All this has been done in the 685 minutes that he has played and would be the goal of the people of Seville to improve on the attack front.

Jasper Karlsson is the player who is already spying on Monchi

The best thing about Monchi’s big data is that Jasper Karlsson is one of the players who will end his contract in the summer of 2023. It is not a minor fact, taking into account that he could reach Sánchez Pizjuán for a comfortable figure. Many are going to start following the Swede, but the ‘King Midas’ of transfers already has gained ground in this regard.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For now, it will be one of the names that many squads will have in their plans and will fight for its arrival in the future. There is a lot of expectation in this regard, since the Nervión club needs to overcome the crisis in which it is immersed.


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