Biden's team recognizes the “increasingly clear” possibility of a rematch between Trump and the current president

Caracas.- According to Julie Chávez Rodríguez, Joe Biden's campaign manager, former US President Donald Trump has almost completely secured the nomination as the Republican Party's presidential candidate.

“Today's results confirm that Donald Trump is all but assured of the Republican Party's nomination and that the MAGA movement, which denies elections and opposes freedoms, has completed its takeover of the Republican Party,” he said in a statement Explanation.

In his opinion, Trump is offering his fellow citizens an “extremist agenda” that “includes promises to undermine American democracy, reward the rich at the expense of the middle class, and ban abortion nationwide.”

“As we work toward November 2024, one thing is becoming increasingly clear today: Donald Trump is about to face a general election in which he will face the only person who defeated him in the election: Joe Biden,” concluded Chávez Rodríguez.

This Wednesday, Donald Trump won the primary elections in the state of New Hampshire. Before counting ended, candidate Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, admitted defeat.

The state of New Hampshire is sending 22 delegates to the Republican primary process, less than 1% of the total number of delegates who will vote at the convention in mid-year. Both Republicans and Democrats will hold conventions where delegates technically select the nominee. The process and rules are different for each party, but candidates must receive at least 10% of the vote to be eligible for the delegate election.

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