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Biden’s dog bit more than 20 secret agents before being kicked out of the White House

Biden's dog bit more than 20 secret agents before being kicked out of the White House

Commander, US President Joe Biden’s family dog, has bitten the country’s intelligence personnel at least 24 timesin incidents that occurred at the White House and other locations, CNN reports this Thursday.

The American media, citing internal USSS documents as sources, assure that these facts reveal the extent The dog’s aggressiveness had become a serious problem for the hundreds of staffers who work at the White House.

They also point out that agency employees have had to change their habits to avoid being hurt by the Bidens’ well-known German Shepherd.

This is not the first time incidents have been reported involving Commander, who has been absent from the White House since October 4 after biting several secret agents.

Now the American chain has received documents confirming that 24 more attacks by the dog have been added to those already known.

“Recent dog bites have forced us to adapt our operational tactics when the commander is present.”an anonymous special agent in charge of the USSS Presidential Protection Division wrote to his team in a June 2023 email.

In this email, the agent warned his colleagues about this “They had to be creative to ensure their own personal safety”. That warning came months before the dog finally left the White House.

The network shows an undated photo obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request An image of a U.S. Secret Service agent’s torn shirt. after the dog bite.

Documented incidents included members of the Secret Service uniformed division, members of the Presidential Protection Team, and other USSS officers.

All took place inside and outside the White House residence, but also at the Biden family homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, at Camp David and in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where the family is spending the Thanksgiving holiday.

A source close to the Biden family told CNN that the Biden family is “heartbroken” and “heartbroken” by this series of vitriolic incidents.

“They are heartbroken about this. They apologized to those who were bitten and brought some flowers. You feel very bad. “Commander was overprotective and although they tried to work on it, they had to move him to other family members,” the source said.

The Bidens repeatedly tried to control the situation, which began in October 2022 with incidents that spanned a full year. The German Shepherd came to the family as a puppy in December 2021.

Commander arrived at the White House in December 2021. It was a gift the president received from his family months after the death of Champ, a German shepherd who accompanied the couple for 13 years.

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