Biden’s advice to the people not to panic, go around

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The United States is preparing to deal with a new type of corona, the omega krona, with President Joe Biden advising people not to panic and to enjoy the holidays.

In his address to the White House, the US President said that the people should not panic at all and those who have been given booster dose after vaccination should wear masks, walk around and enjoy the holidays.

Joe Biden said the United States is ready to deal with the new Corona variant, the Omi Crone, and that those who receive the full vaccinated and booster dose are safe. He further added that those who have not been vaccinated but should not be intimidated need to be concerned in this regard.

“If you are fully vaccinated, you should wear masks indoors and in public places. The mask protects you and the people around you,” he said.

“Because omega kroon spreads very easily, especially among vaccinated people, it is important that we know who is affected by krona, so we need to do more testing,” he said. The US president also announced the provision of free rapid test home kits to 500 million people in January.

Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, has made it clear that booster doses are mandatory for people over the age of 18, and that if booster doses are not given for two months, the vaccinated status in the Tawaklana app will be lost. It should be noted that Imam of Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al-Sudais has also applied booster dose.

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