Biden tells the United Nations that no country will be safe if Ukraine gives in to Russia

The President of the United States, Joe Bidenhas called for resolve at the UN General Assembly against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022, warning that the international order and the confidence of all countries in their own sovereignty in the face of potential aggressors are at stake.

“Russia bears sole responsibility for this war.” Russia has the ability to end this war immediatelyBiden said he criticized the “price” that Moscow has set for ending the conflict, which includes “the surrender of Ukraine, the territory of Ukraine and the children of Ukraine.”

“Russia believes the world will grow tired and allow Ukraine to be mistreated without consequences.”declared the American president and then handed over several questions to a lecture hall in which, among other heads of state and government, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was present.

“If we abandon the principles of the UN Charter to appease an aggressor, can member states have confidence that they will be protected?” If we let Ukraine break up, will the independence of other countries be guaranteed?” said the tenant of the White House.

For Biden, the answer is clear and is “no,” which is why he calls for standing firm in the face of “brutal aggression” in order to “deter other potential aggressors tomorrow.” For this reason, “The United States and our partners around the world will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine while defending its sovereignty, its territorial integrity and its freedom,” he added to applause, including from Zelensky.

UN reform

Biden, who has acknowledged the need to modernize international institutions to adapt them to the 21st century, has confirmed the start of “serious consultations” to try to expand that UN Security Councilconsisting of only 15 members, five of which – including the United States – have veto power.

We need more voices, more perspectives at the table. “The United Nations must continue to keep the peace, prevent conflict and alleviate human suffering,” said Biden, who also advocates for the role of emerging countries in organizations such as the International Monetary Fund or in forums such as the G20, which he now joins strengthen. the African Union.

The North American President is committed to working towards achieving this goal within this framework of cooperation “A safer, more prosperous and fairer world”which would mean assuming that “no country can meet today’s challenges alone,” not even the United States.

He has alluded to heat waves, forest fires, droughts and floods to remind us that the world must face “an urgent task”: the fight against climate change, which, among other things, involves reducing dependence on fossil fuels reduce. “From day one of my administration, the United States has treated this crisis as the… existential threat This applies not only to us, but to all of humanity,” he added.

He also called for “definitive” use of the potential artificial intelligenceThis involves working with international actors who can be perceived as “competitors” if citizens are to be protected from the “major risks” associated with constant technological progress.

Biden has listed the fight against corruption and the defense of democracy among the challenges, taking into account the need to reject any suggestion of “political violence”, as seen after the “rapid succession” of military coups in the Sahel. Washington supports the work of the African Union and the Community of West African States “to support the constitutional order.”

Relations with China

Regarding China, Biden was “clear” and called for “responsible” dispute resolution Washington And Beijing can work together in the common interest, while the US authorities defend themselves against any hint of “aggression” or “intimidation” – a warning that also extends to the economic sphere.

Furthermore, it has focused on this North Korea, for its “continuous violations” of UN resolutions, and in Iran for its “destabilization” activities. “We remain committed to ensuring that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon,” he said.

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