Biden-Putin summit, recess without a mask and the north confronts Franklin

Did you miss the news this early morning? We’ve put together a recap to help you see things more clearly.

In an attempt to avoid war in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron turned on the telephones of the White House and the Kremlin on Sunday. The French president thus spoke with Vladimir Putin for an hour on Sunday evening, for the second time that day. He had previously spoken to Joe Biden. All these discussions made it possible to give birth on the night of a surprise announcement: the Russian and American presidents agreed to meet at a summit, proposed by Emmanuel Macron. The White House, however, set a condition: “an invasion” of Ukraine must not take place by then.

Bad news for schoolchildren in zone B: it’s the end of the holidays this Monday. Good news: this return to school will be synonymous with many reductions in health measures. Thanks to the decline of the Omicron wave, it’s the end of the masks in the playground. Parents will also no longer be forced to complete self-test sworn statements. Finally, students will now be able to mix more widely with classmates of their level and no longer just of their class. The health protocol goes from level 3 to level 2 in primary schools after the winter holidays in the different zones (February 21 for zone B, February 28 for A and March 7 for C).

Storms follow one another in the northern part of France. The region has indeed been facing Franklin since Sunday evening, two days after the passage of Eunice. Météo-France has again classified the departments of Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Somme and Seine-Maritime as orange vigilance for high winds. Rail traffic will be disrupted on Monday and some schools will remain closed.

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