Biden is nominating the first woman to head the US Navy

President Joe Biden is nominating the first woman to head the US Navy. Admiral Lisa Franchetti is the woman who is going to be nominated as the head of the navy. Biden made the announcement on Friday local time.

If this nomination is finalized, Lisa will be the first female Admiral of the Navy in US history. But for this, the appointment of Lisa needs to be approved by the US Senate.

In this regard, Biden said, as a commissioned officer, Lisa has been working dedicatedly for the nation for 38 years. He is currently serving as the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff. She is the second woman in US Navy history to earn the four-star admiral’s badge.

He also said that if it is finalized, Lisa will be both the first female chief of the US Navy and the first female Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US military.

US Navy Chief Admiral Mike Gilday will complete his four-year term next month. Admiral Lisa can replace him.

Lisa has experience serving as the US Navy’s Deputy Commander in Europe and Africa. He became Vice Chief of the US Navy in September 2022.

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