Biden gives strength to the Democrats with his campaign entry

Biden da fuerza a los demócratas con su entrada en campaña

Boosted by his latest parliamentary victories and by the good moment he is going through in the polls, the US president, Joe Biden entered the campaign this Thursday at a Democratic rally that prepared the ground for the November legislative elections.

The Democratic National Committee had its presence at an institute in Maryland, a state adjacent to Washington with a progressive majority, where it arrived having congratulated itself before its first two years in office.

"Things are starting to change a bit. We are headed in the right direction"he said at a previous reception for that committee, a private fundraising event that aimed to raise $1 million.

The subsequent rally, his first in months, allowed him to extol his accomplishments and boost Democratic voter morale before the November 8 his party is at stake for a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

"I’m going to be clear: your right to choose is on the ballot, even democracy is on the ballot. Are you willing to fight for her? Vote! I think the United States is at a turning point, one of those moments that changes everything"Biden said.

Electoral dilemma

In November, he added before some 2,400 people, there will be two options at the polls: "Choosing between being a country that goes forward or backwards, obsessed with the past. Democrats choose the path to the future, with optimism".

The ratification of the law to reduce inflation and the microchip manufacturing law, or this very Wednesday the cancellation of part of the debt that millions of university students contracted with the federal government to pay for their studies, confirm the good streak that goes through.

The room had been waiting for him for almost four hours before his speech, entertained with a local music band and with speeches by politicians such as the majority leader in the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer, who called for support for Biden, making it clear that though "technically" is not on the November ballot needs that endorsement because "is doing what was promised".

The president, as Leslie, one of the people present, admitted to Efe, was at this act "between friends".

In the 2020 presidential elections, the Republican Donald Trump was imposed in Maryland with 65.4% of the votes and the room, full, was a reflection of that support. A man who, in the middle of a speech, yelled at him that "stole the election" two years ago he was booed in unison by the rest and reproached by Biden, who when the situation calmed down assured, firmly, that "ignorance knows no borders".

Among the audience were many local people. The children of Leslie, 53, went to the same institute where it was held and she went this Thursday to reinforce the party at a time when her latest measures and legislative victories make her look more optimistically at the mid-term elections.


A poll this week by Ipsos noted that opinion about Biden is at its highest level since early June, with an approval rate of 41%, five points higher than the percentages recorded since May.

"It is important to get involved in the democratic process"told Efe Sarah, who studied twenty years ago at the same center and returned this time accompanied by her son Kai, seven months old, to show the little "who has a voice and who matters".

His presence was not without criticism: "Much work remains to be done. There are important issues to focus on, from climate change to defending democracy"emphasized this young mother.

Biden has not openly stated that he will seek a new term in 2024, but there was little opposition to that possibility among the public.

"If he decides, I will vote for him. He is a reasonable voice, he cares about people and offers minorities and low-income people opportunities they didn’t have before."summarized by way of example the 73-year-old Democrat Bill Frey.


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