Biden denies negotiations with South Korea to hold joint nuclear exercises

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has denied this Monday that he is currently negotiating joint nuclear exercises with South Korea, after his South Korean counterpart made said announcement.

Biden, asked by a reporter at the White House if he is "discussing joint nuclear exercises with South Korea right now"I have answered "not"without giving more details.

The South Korean president, Yoon Suk Yeol, announced this Monday morning that his government is in talks with Washington to negotiate joint nuclear planning in response to threats from North Korea.

"South Korea and the United States are discussing ways to operate US nuclear forces under the concept of ‘joint planning’ (…) Nuclear weapons belong to the United States, but information sharing, planning and training must be jointly made"Yoon said in an interview with the newspaper ‘Chosun Ilbo’.

Seoul noted that the idea is for the Biden Administration to provide a "nuclear umbrella or extended deterrence" to the country, which should not "to worry"despite "it is difficult to convince the public in this sense".

These statements have been made public one day after his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un, announced "the need for mass production of tactical nuclear weapons"while calling out its neighbor to the south as the "undoubted enemy"according to the KCNA news agency.

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