The president of the United States, Joe Biden, said on Monday that he was concerned because he believes that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, "can’t find a way out" to end the war in Ukraine after failing to occupy the country. During a benefit event on the outskirts of the capital, Biden opined that Putin "he believed he could break NATO and the European Union" when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, but, according to the US president, he did not succeed. Biden, who called Putin a "very calculating"and considered that it is not achieving "find a way out" to the invasion, so the White House is "studying" what to do about it. Initially, Russian troops tried to take the Ukrainian capital, kyiv, but in April they withdrew from the area and focused their efforts on the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. For his part, Putin defended this Monday that the objective of his military campaign is to defeat the "Nazism" in Ukraine and ensure Russia’s security in the face of "threat" of NATO, on the occasion of Victory Day over Nazi Germany.

"The defense of the homeland was always sacred. Now, in our days, you are fighting for our people in Donbas, for the security of our homeland, Russia", stressed the Russian president during the traditional military parade in Red Square. Later, the Pentagon replied to the Russian president that in Ukraine "there are only ukrainians, no nazis".

"We have heard the same boasts, the same falsehoods, the same lies, when it comes to your rhetoric, that we have heard from the beginning"US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told a news conference.


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