Biden Becomes Increasingly ‘Confused and Incoherent’: He Offers a Bizarre and Insane Press Conference in Vietnam

A confused and incoherent Biden due to his busy schedule and jet lag suffered a sudden interruption while answering questions at a news conference on Sunday evening as his microphone was turned off and loud jazz music drove him off the stage, as if he, too, had gone on for a long time in a speech at a charity gala.

Intended to be a show of resilience, the 80-year-old veteran’s circumnavigation of the world in five days cracked incoherent jokes and joked about not knowing whether it was morning or evening, and so the act ended by saying, “I’m leaving.” “In addition, during the conversation of journalists, he did not respond to the questions related to China, nor to those focused on Russia and North Korea, nor to Ukraine’s dissatisfaction with the G20 declaration of war, in which Moscow did not name the attacker.

If re-elected next year, the Democrat will remain in the White House until he is 86, a prospect that the American people do not like. In polls, his age is a significant handicap, undermining efforts to boast about his economic, social and diplomatic successes. According to an opinion poll released by CNN last Thursday, 73% of voters are concerned about the octogenarian’s physical vitality and mental capacity, while 76% doubt his ability to endure a second term.

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