Bharti Singh pregnant: son or daughter? Bharti Singh bluntly on reporter’s question – working girl

Comedian Bharti Singh is really enjoying her pregnancy phase these days. Everyone is excited for Bharti Singh’s first child (Bharti Singh Baby Bump). In such a situation, the paparazzi and the reporter asked Bharti Singh if he wanted a son or a daughter. On this question from the reporter, Bharti has given a very frank and funny answer to Bharti Singh.

On the reporter’s question, Bharti Singh says directly: “Girl … hardworking like me. Not like you, who is intercepting a girl and giving an interview.” With this, Bharti says, “I want a girl. Tell her to make tea for her daughter, if mom comes, then make tea. Call the son and tell him I’m playing cricket right now. No, girls are the best.” . “I just want a girl.” This style of Bharti Singh is being liked a lot on social networks.

Bharti is five months pregnant, but it still doesn’t stop her from having fun. She recently announced her pregnancy through social media and after that she was also seen flaunting her tummy and now she has once again shared her fun-filled video. We all know that where Bharti Singh (Bharti Singh Pregnancy) is, there is a dose of laughter and entertainment. His style is also seen in this video.

In the video shared by Bharti Singh Video, she is first seen doing dance moves in a green outfit and then in the blink of an eye she begins to appear in a brand new dress. With this, she wrote in the caption: “Mom will be … a lot of fun being Mom.” This video from Bharti has created a scandal once again. Fans are really liking this and are commenting on it fiercely. Some congratulate them and others pray for them.

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Previously, an interview with Bharti Singh was also revealed in which he said that “when Harsh Limbachiaa first found out about my pregnancy, she had tears in her eyes. She loves children very much. She is the mother of this child. More than me.” Bharti also said that Harsh takes great care of him whenever his mood changes, he always pampers him. Bharti is also working during pregnancy, she will soon be seen hosting the reality show ‘Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan’. Bharti says she wants to work until the ninth month so her son can feel this hard work too.


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