Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota will attend the grand inauguration ceremony of Ram Mandir as a special guest.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the inauguration ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The consecration of life of Ram Lalla will take place next year, i.e. on January 22, 2024. Everyone is really looking forward to the ceremonial inauguration of the Ram Temple. On this special occasion, many personalities from politics, industry and entertainment world will attend the inauguration ceremony of the Ram Temple. Bhajan Emperor Anoop Jalota was invited as a special guest for this program.

Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota has received an invitation as a special guest at the inauguration ceremony of Ram Mandir, about which he had a special conversation with ABP News. Anup Jalota said that it was fortunate for him to attend this historic ceremony related to the life of Ram Mandir Ram Lala. Anup Jalota said that just three days ago, he gave a special lecture on singing in a special program at Ayodhya Temple. However, there is no program like singing on January 22nd. That will take place and he will be present there as a guest.

Anoop Jalota said that he will be making a special presentation in Ayodhya before the inauguration on January 22, which he is looking forward to. Anoop Jalota expressed his special bond with Lord Ram by singing many songs related to Ram Vandana and making these songs his own. Anoop Jalota also spoke at length about the importance of career.

Anup Jalota also praised the Prime Minister’s leadership in the construction of Ram Temple. While speaking about his special connection and bond with Ayodhya and Lord Ram, Anup Jalota also shared a wonderful story about his first visit to Ayodhya 37 years ago. ABP News reported. As a special guest at the inauguration ceremony of the Ayodhya Temple, Anoop Jalota also narrated two songs about Lord Ram in a very melodious style during a special conversation with ABP News.

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