Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Update: Vibhuti played a new trick to get Bhabhi ji earrings and then…

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai (Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai) is one of the most famous comedy shows on television. All the characters in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ are Vibhuti Narayan i.e. Aasif Sheikh, Tiwari ji i.e. Rohitashv Gour, ‘Angoori Bhabhi’ Shubhangi Atre and Anita Bhabhi i.e. Neha Pendse. They maintain their special place in people’s hearts with their stellar performances. Today we bring for you the update of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai February 18, 2022 Episode…

Today’s episode starts with Angoori and Tiwari. Angoori shows anger at getting the earring and Tiwari tries to persuade Angoori. Angoori says that if you hadn’t wasted your time doing Maul Bhav, that earring would have been with me. At this, Tiwari scolds him and tells him to go get something for me until then. Then Vibhuti comes to Tiwari’s house and tells him to tell me why he is upset.

Angoori then tells the story of the earring, which Vibhuti overhears and says don’t worry Bhabi ji, I will definitely bring you that earring. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll cut off my ears. Angoori says it’s okay, I’ll pray for your ear.

While looking at the tea stall, Earring Tika and Malkhan talk about how Sunita and Babita are more beautiful than this. Tillu says that Rusa will look beautiful when she wears it. They are both very grateful for the earring, when Vibhuti, standing far away looking at it, says that she will give her whole life to get this earring. On the other hand, Tiwari tries to talk to Angoori over and over again at home, but she keeps ignoring him.

Tiwari then asks Angoori to convince him that I will bring you an earring, then Angoori is happy and says that you are a good husband. On the other hand, Rusa is standing near Pani Puru Wala and Vibhuti sees him and goes towards him and in his mind he says to himself that I will play the victim card. Vibhuti then asks Rusa if you have a match. Rusa says you think I smoke. Vibhuti says that I want to burn down the house. Rusa says don’t do this or you will burn and die.

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Vibhu says that I want to die and take away the pain. Russian says what kind of pain. Tell me quickly that I love gossip. Vibhu says that’s why I don’t share, Rusa says okay, tell me I won’t tell anyone, Vibhu says my ex-girlfriend Lusa has died. Rusa says that she sounds like my name, Vibhu says yes, she loved her very much but she came to see me from the Himalayas and she slipped and she fell and she calls me and says you will always remember me in this.

Rusa says tell me what you want because I can’t see you like this. Vibhu says tell me once I love you and want to hug me. Rusa says I will say and hugs Vibhuti and says I love you. Seeing this, the three Tika, Malkhan and Tillu go into shock. Malkan says that our heart was broken, Teeka says that she burned my love. Tilu says what are we going to do with these jhumkas now and we throw it away. Vibhu sees and says thank you Rusa and goes to fetch the jhumka box and says I kept my promise Bhabhiji and left.

When Vibhuti goes to Angoori, she is dancing. Tiwari asks the sister-in-law that even though Tiwari ji didn’t give you the earrings, you dance for him. Angoori happily shows her earrings, only then does Vibhuti show her the box of earrings as well. At this, Tiwari tells Angoori, she go make tea and bring it. Then Tiwari tells Vibhuti to throw away the fake earrings because seeing his upset wife, I have the earrings made by the jeweler in 2 hours, and you are unemployed, this will not be tolerated by you.

Vibhu takes Tiwari home, Pelu plays a sad song. At that time Manohar goes to Vibhuti from the front, Vibhu asks why you are staring at me, Manohar says let’s look at the thief, show the receipt for the jewels. Vibhuti says that Tillu Malkhan and Tika threw it on the road and I picked it up. Manohar says that he told me that he bought it for a girl and you stole it from her. Vibhu says that this is a lie and he runs away after saying so much.

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