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Beyoncé tour rage causes homeless families to relocate to make way for fans

Beyoncé tour rage causes homeless families to relocate to make way for fans

About thirty homeless families staying in a hotel in north London will be forced to leave their room due to the avalanche of reservations that Beyoncé’s concerts have caused at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium starting next Monday.

As revealed by The Guardian, up to 30 families will be displaced from a Travelodge hotel and relocated to alternative accommodation when the American star begins his five nights of concerts, scheduled between May 29 and June 4, as part of his international tour, the “Renaissance World Tour”.

The local authority of this district, Enfield, currently uses a hundred rooms of the hotel -two thirds- as social accommodation and would not have extended the reservations in time during coveted concert dates.

The rooms, with a capacity of up to 5 people, can only be reserved for four weeks and forces the local administration to renew the reservation, with the risk that, by wanting to extend the period, the room is already reserved.

One of the affected families is Collette Collington, 42, who has lived there since the beginning of the month with her two-year-old twin sons, who have been diagnosed with autism, and her four-year-old eldest daughter. On Monday they confirmed that they will have to move this week to another hotel, also from the Travelodge chain.

“This news is very distressing. It is not good for me – not good for – my mental health or my two youngest children who need stability due to their special needs. In all environments we enter, it takes time for them to adjust. They have have to go through the same routine,” Collington told the British newspaper.

Beyoncé kicked off her long-awaited tour in Stockholm on May 10 and plans concerts in different European cities, including Barcelona on June 8, before embarking on a second stage in Canada and the United States.

The release of her new and seventh album Renaissance in July 2022 catapulted the “Halo” singer back to the top of the international charts, with songs like “Cuff it” among others, a job that earned her four new albums. Grammys and made her the artist with the most gramophones in history.

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