Beware! Why the fine of 1 thousand dirhams in UAE?

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates warned citizens to avoid fines.

According to the authorities, those involved in the crowd may be fined up to 1,000 dirhams if they rush to the scene of accidents and fires.

UAE authorities have cracked down on rubber-necking at accident sites and warned residents of fines to ensure smooth passage for emergency vehicles.

Abu Dhabi Police warned against ‘rubber necking’ which is a punishable traffic offense in the UAE.

Speaking on social media on Monday, Abu Dhabi Police said that people who gather at the scene of an accident obstruct the flow of traffic and also obstruct the arrival of emergency vehicles, which is vital to save lives.

Abu Dhabi Police stressed the need to clear the way for ambulances and civil defense vehicles in such situations so that they can reach the accident site and rescue the injured quickly.

Rubber necking often leads to more accidents as some drivers stop at the scene of the accident, disrupting the flow of traffic.

Police have also warned residents against taking pictures and videos of accident sites and sharing them on social media.
Taking advantage of these unfortunate events by curious individuals is considered highly inappropriate and may have legal consequences for those involved.

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