Beware, there will be heavy fines for smoking now, the announcement of the Gulf country

Kuwait City: Kuwait has implemented strict measures against smoking in public places.

According to the media report, in a statement issued by the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait, it was said that there is a strict prohibition of smoking in public places throughout the country, a fine of 5,000 dinars will be imposed on those found guilty of the violation.

Official Spokesperson and Public Relations Officer Sheikha Al-Ibrahim said that the fine will not only apply to smoking, but also to electronic cigarettes, electronic hookahs (glasses) and all items used for smoking purposes.

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In a press release, Sheikha Al Ibrahim said that under the EPA Article No. 56 Environmental Protection Law No. 42/2014 and its amendments, public and private administrative bodies, public benefit associations, their administrative offices, their affiliates and every There are sites that come under their purview, there will be a total ban on smoking.

Al Ibrahim stressed the need to place ‘no smoking’ signs in obvious places at the entrances of public places, saying that ashtrays have been placed outside some public buildings, they are now at least four meters away from the entrances. Must be kept.

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