Between July and September of this year, 6,876 more people were retired than in the same period last year

Until November of this 2021, the General Directorate of Retirements and Pensions in Charge of the State (DGJP) registers a total of 154,308 pensioners, among which are 117,272 civilians, belonging to the pay-as-you-go system.

There are 21,366 members of the National Police; and 15,670 people who have received solidarity pensions.

In its Quarterly Statistical Bulletin, corresponding to the July-September period of this year, the institution establishes that in that quarter there was an increase of 1,577 pensioners (1%), 1,536 pensions (0.96%) and an increase of RD $ 324.12 million (5 %) in the payment of the payroll to pensioners with respect to the previous quarter.

“In the same way, There is an increase of 6,876 pensioners, 6,951 pensions and RD $ 509.47 million in the payment of the payroll to pensioners compared to the same period of the year 2020“Says the report.

This translates into a relative increase of 5% in the number of pensions, 5% in the number of pensioners and a 9% on the total payroll amount, specifies the document.

The institution specifies that these variations are due to the ordinary movements that are registered in the payroll during the evaluated period (inclusions, increases, exclusions or suspensions).

Inclusions, exclusions, suspensions and adjustments

According to the report, During the third quarter of 2021, 3,581 inclusions were registered in the payroll of pensioners, 1,345 exclusions, 700 suspensions and 745 adjustments to the amount of pensions.

Pensions granted by the Executive Power

Until the available period the pensions granted by the Executive Power amounted to 19,491. These represented 23.1% of the total and represented an increase of 772 (4.12%) in relation to the previous quarter.

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During this government administration, controversies have arisen because President Luis Abinader has granted various pensions to artists, journalists, union leaders, among others.


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