Home Tech Better autonomy Bluetooth headphones are heavily discounted

Better autonomy Bluetooth headphones are heavily discounted

The market for Bluetooth headphones is packed with high-quality options for all tastes and budgets. But if you are looking for the best possible autonomy, there is a specific product that remains invariably good.

they are called Galaxy Buds +, and they are a Samsung Bluetooth headset with a suggested starting price of € 169.90. But anticipating another Black Friday, they can be purchased on Amazon in Spain for only € 79.99.

Learn about pricing and shipping for the Samsung Galaxy Buds +


Samsung Galaxy Buds + has 11 hours of battery life in headphones

Although it is not the latest Bluetooth headset, it is a product that I highly recommend for this price. This is because they have an impressive 11-hour battery life in the earbuds, plus an additional 11 hours with the charging case.

All of this is combined (in the black version) with a very discreet headphone profile. And after trying so many Bluetooth headphones, these are still my favorites when looking for comfort and autonomy.

The sound produced by these headphones has a very interesting profile, developed in collaboration with AKG. They are ideal for long trips as you hardly risk running out of battery and can be used for long periods of time comfortably.

They have very simple touch controls and the transparency mode makes it easy for you to hear what is going on around you. Note that their external microphones make them very competent for calls. Besides charging via USB-C, they also have wireless charging.

Buying on Amazon Spain is simple and reliable, but if you have any questions you can consult our dedicated guide. It is important to note that you are entitled to a two-year warranty and free shipping to Portugal.

Learn about pricing and shipping for the Samsung Galaxy Buds +

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